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§ 10 Cancellation – and Return Policy

When ordering by mail, fax, letter, telephone and other means of distance communication have customers who are consumers (ie the Treaty of songs not in their commercial or independent professional activity to complete) a right to cancel the contract in accordance with § § 312 d, 355 BGB. This only applies if the customer has ordered the songs to CD / MD, and if the customer has not unsealed the media supplied (§ 312 Section 4 para. 2 BGB).

When you download tracks in online sales is no withdrawal, as the online surrendered files are not suitable for return to Gramophone Productions (§ 312d section 4 para. 1 BGB).
Songs that are created on behalf of customers are excluded from a return.
The period for revocation begins at delivery by mail upon receipt of the supplied music tracks for customers. Requirement for the period beginning remains that Gramophone Productions has communicated to the customer no later than the delivery of goods, the information required by law (§ 312c paragraph 2 BGB). The right expires without notification of this information no later than 6 months after delivery of the songs.
The revocation is in writing, that is explain by email, letter or fax to the following address:
Gramophone Productions
Stankertstrasse 35
78052 VS-Tannheim
FAX: +49 12126-joekromer
info [at]
The withdrawal can be explained by returning the goods to this address. He must not be justified. To meet the two-week withdrawal period is sufficient to send.
If the customer has exercised his right of withdrawal, he is required to return the supplied music tracks required. Gramophone Productions will pay the costs of returning the goods if the order is at least € 25.00. Gramophone Productions pays the purchase price to be refunded and return shipping charges back by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer, or on request as a credit to the service account, if it exists.
If the goods have arrived at the customer damaged or deficiencies, the rules apply to the guarantee (no. 3 Conditions). For questions about the right of withdrawal, we make you information.